7 Excellent Reasons to Start Exercising

why-is-exercise-good-for youThere are times when exercise can seem like a chore, even if we have full knowledge that it can be healthy for us. We admit it, people can be lazy. But if you are looking for some inspiration to get you off the couch and to the gym, you have come to the right place. Here are 7 excellent reasons to start exercising:



1. It is a stress reliever.

With the hectic lifestyles we all live today, most of us could benefit from releasing a little (or a lot) of stress and anxiety. Cortisol is our stress hormone, and the quickest way to get it out of your system is a good workout. There is nothing quite like building yourself into a sweaty frenzy to calm the nerves.

2. It builds confidence.

Exercise releases endorphins, or feel-good hormones, and will have you feeling like a brand-new person. In no time, you will be looking and feeling better, ready to conquer the world. Runners often talk about the ‘runner’s high’, which can be addicting it its own way.

3. It Helps You Sleep Better.

If you suffer from insomnia, or other sleep disorders, exercise can help immensely alongside medication. You will find yourself falling asleep quicker, staying asleep longer and getting better quality sleep.



4. It gives you a reason to go shopping.

Who doesn’t want an excuse to go shopping for a new wardrobe? Well, after a few weeks of consistent exercise, you will be well on your way to needing smaller, better fitting clothes.

5. It makes you smarter.

Studies have shown that exercise can improve memory, concentration, mental stamina, and productivity. Keeping your mind sharp as you age is very important. That said, you should also be smart about listening to your body.’

6. It helps with PMS.

For the ladies, this can be all the motivation you may need. Working out during this time of the month has been shown to alleviate some PMS symptoms, including anger and depression.

7. It helps you to live longer.

Most of us would like to add years to our life if we could. Well, research shows the people who exercise live longer. You can add up to seven years to your life just by working out a few times a week.


After internalizing all these 7 reasons to start exercising and you still need further motivation, read the full article here: http://www.healthybdaily.com/ten-super-motivating-reasons-to-start-exercising-now/


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Now you know why you have to start exercising, right? What are you waiting for?

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