Obese Man Loses An Incredible 165 Lbs After Being Rejected By His Crush

weight loss for better healthWhen you make the decision to drastically lose weight and become fitter, there are usually a number of things that motivate you to do just that. These factors typically revolve around your need to improve your health and fitness or a desire to feel more comfortable in your own skin.

However, some people will choose to completely transform their bodies purely for the sake of their love lives. Or the lack thereof. Mos Sataporn, from Bangkok in Thailand, is one of these hopeless romantics who strived for a healthier body after he was turned down by his crush. He used to weigh a whopping 342 lbs. and was always slated for his weight. In fact, even his own friends would make him the butt of their demeaning jokes.

However, it wasn’t until Mos was rejected by a woman that he had feelings for that he realized he couldn’t keep up his destructive lifestyle anymore. This woman rejected him purely because of the way he looked, and so he decided that if this was scaring women off, he had to change. The truth was, it wasn’t just this particular woman who didn’t want to go out with him because he wasn’t taking proper care of his body. He had been rejected many, many times.

The women he was attracted to just never felt the same way. And this was mostly due to Mos’ large size. Not only did he weigh 341 lbs., but he is over six feet tall and very physically imposing. To top it all off, his BMI status classified him as obese, a fact that was very hard for Mos to take. Mos soon came to the realization that women generally preferred men who were slim and toned.

Anyway, after being rejected by yet another woman, he decided to lose weight for the first time. He hoped to attain the body that would attract the girl of his dreams. So how did Mos go about this ambitious weight loss journey?

Well, after previously indulging in foods rich in sodium and carbohydrates, he started eating lean meats and other foods rich in protein. He also started eating a lot more vegetables and drinking mostly water.


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