Intense Abs Workout Routine – 10 Mins Flat Stomach Exercise

Dreaming of a flat belly? Thinking of what else you can do to get that much dreamed of flat abs? Try this! This is an intense ab workout routine that you can do for 10 minutes straight if you want to have that flat belly.


Here are some more exercises for a flat tummy:

10 Unconventional Ab Exercises To Strengthen Your Core

unconventional-exerciseWhen you think of ab workouts, you might automatically associate them with the half-assed crunches you do to kill time during the theme song.

Sit-ups, crunches, and leg lifts: the basic trifecta of workouts that promise to give you abs of steel, but leaves you bored AF and cringing at the mere thought of working your core.

But luckily, you can achieve incredible core strength without ever having to do another crunch again.

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5 Top Abs Moves Used by Top Trainers You Should Try

top-abs-movesWhen you do a typical abs workout, you usually know exactly what to expect. The moves are focused on your midsection, and you can feel a burning sensation that tells you that the magic is happening. But even when you’re doing a workout that’s not targeted to your abs, you’re likely still working your core muscles. In fact, “sneaky” abs moves are really great for challenging your core muscles and ultimately, making them stronger.

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2 Lower Abs Exercises You Can Do While Watching TV

workout-at-homeHaving to pick between watching another Netflix episode or getting off the couch and heading to the gym is the ultimate struggle. But what if you didn’t have to choose? What if we told you that you could find out what happens next on Scandal all while scoring killer abs? Yep, of course you can do both. There are two exercises you can do while watching TV that can give you those amazing abs you’re dreaming of. Read on…


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How Often Should You Exercise Your Abs to Get the Best Results?

ab-exercisesWho doesn’t want a well-toned stomach, especially a 6-pack abs, right? Everybody wants it and but not everyone knows how to get it. Well, first things first  — you should not train your abs everyday because that isn’t an effective way to build muscle or strength. The abdominals are just like any other muscle in your body, it needs adequate rest between workouts to recover and rebuild.

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5 Best Exercises For a Flat Belly

tummy-exercises-to-do-at-homeA flat belly is a badge of honor. It’s an outward sign that you keep fit and watch what you eat. And beyond the vanity aspects, a more chiseled torso makes you stronger and less prone to injury. That’s because the dozens of muscles between your shoulders and hips are involved in every movement you do.

To create a lean, rock-hard waist you need to start with the right moves, says Men’s Health Fitness Director BJ Gaddour. “Choose moves that sculpt your abs while shredding the fat that covers them,” he says. “It’s the perfect one-two punch for a flat belly.”

Start with the following 10 exercises to hammer the dozens of muscles between your shoulders and hips and rev your metabolism at the same time.

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