Extreme Weight Loss – What Is It Like?

extreme weight lossMatt had lap-band surgery in 2009 at age 16.

Matt at 16 years old was 497 pounds, versus today after his surgery at 22 years old and 220 pounds.

Through the course of his weight-loss journey, Matt became passionate about promoting body positivity for people of all shapes and sizes.

To stay motivated, he started sharing his journey on social media, posting before-and-after photos, answering questions and giving support to followers, and even sharing his meals and favorite workouts. Six years later, Matt is down over 270 pounds and is a very active voice in the online body-positivity movement. Read more

Do This Extreme Exercise for Six Months and Look Completely Different After

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As we grow older, staying fit and healthy becomes even more important. Jeremiah Peterson of Missoula, Montana, can certainly attest to that following his decision to change a lifestyle that had seen his weight rise to 280 pounds. However, after half a year of extreme exercise and dieting, the father of three now looks dramatically different.

HOW I LOST 100LBS IN 1 YEAR – Before and After

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From 245 and unhealthy to 145 and fit. First video ever and I’m sharing my story in hopes to inspire positive changes in your life if you’re ready for a change. It’s difficult but I am proof that it’s possible and the most rewarding thing you could ever do for yourself. I’m not any different than any of you! Let today be your day to take back your life. Share this with anyone who needs an extra push today!

3 Tips From a Nutritionist to Lose 150 Pounds

extreme weight lossIt’s almost universally agreed that losing weight is not an easy task, as it requires discipline, determination, and focus. However, a 37-year-old Amanda Mandie Wood found three things that made losing weight so effective, she managed to drop 150 pounds in just about 2 years.

Mandie started her weight-loss transformation in the Fall of 2015, after getting fed up with feeling invisible and tired all the time.

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