A Jogger’s Fitness Tracker Documented Her Brutal Attack on a Run

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Four miles into a planned 10-mile run in Seattles Golden Gardens park on Sunday, 36-year-old Kelly Herron stopped for what she thought would be a quick bathroom break. But when she stepped out of a public bathroom stall, it was anything but.

In a viral Instagram post, Herron recounted being brutally attacked on by a man hiding in the restroom. 

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Fitness Trackers Help Finish Ironman Races

Fitness trackers help finish Ironman races because it that’s what it did to me. My watches significantly improved my performance on race day.

Wearables have gotten a bad rap lately, and it’s probably because of glorified pedometers like the Fitbit Blaze and Apple Watch that look dorky and don’t do much beyond counting steps. And I’ll admit, I’m one of the people that will readily throw shade at these products for failing to provide useful health information.

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