Exercise Offers Hope for a Sober Future for Those Struggling with Addiction


biking for healthAnyone affected by substance abuse knows that knowledge of the problem alone can’t help beat the disease.

For Todd Crandell, it took three drunken driving charges and 13 years of consequences to decide to get sober despite that he lost both his mom and uncle to addiction.

He knew that turning things around wouldn’t be easy, as it often isn’t when we rely on something to help us function or, ironically, escape. Facing the world with wounds open and learning to live life all over again is no easy task.

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This Is What Self-Care REALLY Means, Because It’s Not All Salt Baths And Chocolate Cake

examples of self careSelf-care is often a very unbeautiful thing.

It is making a spreadsheet of your debt and enforcing a morning routine and cooking yourself healthy meals and no longer just running from your problems and calling the distraction a solution.

It is often doing the ugliest thing that you have to do, like sweat through another workout or tell a toxic friend you don’t want to see them anymore or get a second job so you can have a savings account or figure out a way to accept yourself so that you’re not constantly exhausted from trying to be and then needing to take deliberate, mandated breaks from living to do basic things like drop some oil into a bath and read Marie Claire and turn your phone off for the day.

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6 Healthy Habits With Huge Downsides (Nobody Talks About)

disadvantages of a healthy lifestyleIt takes real willpower to take a healthy activity, like jogging or eating most of a salad, and make it part of your regular routine. But it’s worth it, right? After all of the struggle and strife, after you’ve given up your fun vices and your more interesting friends, you can look in the mirror and feel proud.

Or at least you can until you read this article and discover that a bunch of your new “healthy” habits are bullshit, and hear that pride farting out of you like air from a leaking balloon.


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Study Says Women Should Be Allowed To Nap At Work, And We Couldn’t Agree More

napping at work benefitsYou wake up at 6:30 a.m., get a workout in, get ready for work, grab a shake, and start on your tedious morning commute.

Your day is made up of long meetings and a half-hour lunch break. By the time you get home, all you want to do is shower and go to bed because you know you have to do it again tomorrow.

After a few days, this schedule will catch up to you, resulting in a weakened attention span at work because you can only think of all the sleep you’re not getting.

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Fitness Blogger Reveals What Happens When You Dont Shave Legs And Pits For 1 Year To Promote Natural Beauty

what-happens-if-I-stop-shaving-my-legsFitness blogger Morgan Mikenas probably saves a fortune in razors. She also probably has a lot more free time than many of us. Why? Because in order to promote natural beauty, the fitness blogger has gone an entire year without shaving her body, and here are the results.

“I’m not trying to make all of humanity stop shaving their armpits and leg hair anymore,” said Morgan in a clip she posted to YouTube recently. “I just want to inspire others [to do] what works for you, what makes you feel the most comfortable.” Citing time as the number one reason behind her decision to stop shaving, she was also inspired to let it grow out after being bullied in gym class when she was 11 or 12 for having hairy legs. She decided to embrace her natural beauty instead of subscribing to what society expects of her, and she says that her boyfriend likes it and thinks that she looks beautiful either way.

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Obese Woman Sheds Nearly 130lbs After Making Two Simple Changes To Her Lifestyle

lose weightHave you been indulging in a little too much eggnog or having one too many Christmas cookies lately? Perhaps your New Year’s resolution is to lose some weight. Well, if you’re looking for some healthy inspiration, meet 26-year-old Laura Micetich.

At just 22, Laura weighed 314 lbs and was developing multiple chronic medical conditions. She already had issues with an underactive thyroid, high blood pressure, and was told she was very close to becoming prediabetic. The health scare was enough to make Laura realize that she had to make a change. At the time, her plan was to crash diet to lose enough weight in order to become a safe candidate for weight loss surgery. However, that surgery never happened.

“After trying and failing to get a handle on my health numerous times, my weight had become a serious enough concern that I was considering weight loss surgery,” Laura revealed. 

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