9 Essential Self-Care Tips in the Wake of #MeToo

how to care for self

After #MeToo, I’m exhausted. You probably are, too. Sharing your story can feel like you’ve let go of something really heavy and yet that empty space now feels raw and vulnerable. For many, saying #MeToo was sad, freeing, unsurprising, unifying, and draining all at once.

But for those who chose not to say #MeToo, bearing the weight of your own trauma while reading the stories of other survivors (however inspiring or articulate) can feel nothing short of damaging. Maybe you don’t feel like you can say the same because what happened to you doesn’t seem bad enough.

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Boss Brilliant Response To Employee Asking For Mental Health Day Off Goes Viral

importance of mental healthA web developer named Madalyn Parker recently took a few days off from work to focus on her mental health. When she got an email back from her boss about it, though, she was stunned by his response.

Parker, who works for live chat software engineering company Olark, has been a vocal advocate for supportive workplaces since writing an emotional essay in 2015 about her harrowing battle with mental health issues and how they affect her career.

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40+ Things People Don’t Realize You’re Doing Because Of Your Depression

how to fight depressionDepression affects millions of us, and while we are slowly opening up about mental health issues and beginning to banish the stigma that surrounds them, it is critically important to keep open the conversation to foster understanding and empathy for those who may be struggling.

Sarah Schuster is the mental health editor at The Mighty, and she decided to find out how depression manifests itself in ways other people can’t see.

“While most people imagine depression equals ‘really sad,’ unless you’ve experienced depression yourself, you might not know it goes so much deeper than that,” she writes. “Depression expresses itself in many different ways, some more obvious than others. While some people have a hard time getting out of bed, others might get to work just fine — it’s different for everyone.”

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