Truths YOU MUST NEVER FORGET In Order To Lose Weight

The liver is without a doubt the main organ that burns fat, and if you take care of it with good meals, you clean and detoxify it, making it easy to lose weight and burn fat. A low-fat diet will make you weak and sick. There are good fats and bad fats. Reducing the amount of fat you eat from processed foods (fried foods, high in trans fats) will make you lose weight.

Increasing consumption of foods with good fats (dried fruit, avocados, olive oil; seeds like chia, sesame, flax; among others) will help you stay healthy and lose weight.

If you don’t drink much water, the liver stops burning fat (drink at least 1/2 gallon of water daily). If you speed up your metabolism, you’ll triple how fast you burn fat.

Physical exercise speeds up metabolism, tones muscles, and improves mood. To burn fat, only 30 minutes of high-intensity exercise in intervals is more effective than 3 hours of medium- to low-intensity exercise.

Eating 5 medium meals per day burns more fat than eating 2 large and 2 small meals. Eating a complete, nutritional breakfast speeds up metabolism (and not eating breakfast slows it down). The best trick to lose weight, and not gain it back, is to develop healthy habits.

If you’re looking for a way to improve your mood, you’ll lose weight more easily. If you have a clear understanding of your personal reasons for losing weight, you can keep going when the going gets tough.

What did you like most? What do you think your weakness is?


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