3 Great No-Nos for Great Abs

how-to-get-abs-at-homeEveryone wants a smaller, tighter, fitter midsection. I’m sure you do! There are more questions about ab exercises than any other exercise available. People want to improve their belly, but there is no ab exercise in the world that can make your stomach look great if you aren’t improving other things than contribute to the big belly issue. Are you aware of these things? You should.

So below ere are a few other issues that need to be addressed if you really, really want to get that much coveted six-pack!


1. Poor posture.

One reason we battle the bulge is because we are lazy. We don’t maintain good posture and hold our stomach in like we should. Laziness causes us to lose our resting tone in our abdominal muscles, allowing our gut to stretch out the abdominal wall. We can increase muscle tone simply by keeping our tummy tight and standing up tall.




2. Lack of knowledge.

If you think it’s too late to get a six-pack, think again. Look at all the women who retrain their ab muscles after pregnancy. The same can happen to a beer belly too. Crunches, sit-ups and plank exercises get great results and don’t require a gym membership or equipment. However, there’s a lot of other incredible exercises and equipment to help you get that 6-pack a little faster. Don’t rely on crunches alone. Try exploring new ab workouts regularly or hire a trainer to put you through a new ab workout to try new exercises and techniques.


3. Not tracking food.

We can do abdominal exercises until we’re blue in the face, but it won’t do a thing about the fat that’s covering our muscles. The only way to trim off the fat is to take in fewer calories than we burn – and you can’t really do that guessing your way through your diet. Otherwise, we will just have a six-pack under the keg. I personally follow a set amount of calories and macros when I’m trimming down to guarantee my success. Lord knows, I don’t want to do all that work for nothing! So, I make sure I’m working as hard in the kitchen as I am in the gym.




So many people are doing a TON right, but they are still doing enough wrong to not get the full benefit. I challenge you to address each one of these possible issues and apply these tips for 30 days and see how much faster you can uncover your abs!


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Are you ready to take heed of these no-nos to have greater abs?


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