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How To Avoid Getting Fat At Your Summer Internship

How To Avoid Getting Fat At Your Summer Internship

Internships are just one of those things we have to endure at some point in our lives. Like, as much as we’d prefer to spend our summer sleeping in until 11 and tanning until 7, sometimes we’ve gotta suck it up and get our shit together. So, now that we’ve established that we’ll be sitting in a cold, lifeless office 9-5 from Monday through Friday, let’s focus on staying fit while doing so. With the combo of catered intern lunches from Quiznos and the obvious requirement of sitting on your ass all day, it’s not easy to stay skinny all summer. Like, this one job might look good on your resume, but it’s still not worth gaining an extra 20 pounds in two months. Here’s how to avoid getting fat at your internship.

How To Avoid Getting Fat At Your Summer Internship

1. Squeeze In An At-Home Workout

Not everyone is a psychotic morning person, so if you cant make it to the gym before work, we get it. Like, people who wake up at 5:30am and are are checking in at Equinox by 5:55 are just not human, so let’s not even pretend that’s an option. If you really want to squeeze in a workout, your best bet is to find a quick at-home workout online that you can do in your apartment/parents’ living room before work in the morning or when you get home later. You might not have fancy gym equipment or your favorite treadmill around, but you can easily get in a good sweat at home. Plus, you’ll get to look down on all your co-workers who didn’t burn like, 500 calories before 9am.


2. Walk To Work

Unless you’re living on the Lower East Side and your office is on 68th Street, try to walk to work if the weather is doable and you have the time. It might seem like a long walk compared to taking the subway or an Uber, but you’ll end up getting in a ton of steps that really add up. You’re sitting at a desk all day, so it wouldn’t kill you to walk to work or home at the end of the day. If you need to pack your heels in a bag or even an extra top, do it. With a solid playlist and a Venti iced coffee, the time will fly by and you’ll feel good about it.


3. Take Unnecessary Long Routes Around The Office

Let’s put it this way: The more steps you can get in throughout the day, the better. For example, skip the awkward elevator rides with co-workers and actually use the stairs to get to your office. I mean, if you’re on the 40th floor, you can skip that, but if you’re on a floor below ten, consider it. Plus, it’s obviously not legit exercise to walk to the bathroom and then back to your desk, but if you start going out of your way to get around the office, the steps will start adding up. Youll also be wasting time, which is an obvious plus. Like, one second you’re peeing every 10 minutes, the next second its 5pm and everyone’s packing up. What a productive day. Good work.


4. Keep Snacks At Your Desk

The key to beating starvation and mindless snacking throughout the day is actually showing up with snacks. It sounds counter-intuitive to keep food around you at all times, but it’ll prevent you from chowing down on your office’s bowl of Peanut M&Ms when you feel like you’re gonna pass out mid-afternoon. Make sure to pack healthy snacks that will keep you full throughout the day, like unsalted cashews, berries, natural protein bars, and single-serving almond butter packets.


5. Be Strategic About Lunch

Everyone takes a lunch break, so it’s your decision whether you want to plan your strategy a bit in advance or be pressured into ordering in dumplings from Chinatown with your fellow interns who need the full New York experience. Um, no thanks. You might notice that the healthy, responsible people in the office bring their own lunch from home and leave it in the fridge, which is obviously the best option. But if you don’t feel like cooking and prepping the night before, look up healthy spots near your office that can be your go-to for the summer. There’s no shame in ordering the same kale salad every day and pretending you’re allergic to everything else.


6. Make Up Dietary Restrictions

It doesn’t matter if you spend your whole year making fun of your gluten-free friends. When your office has a Donut Friday tradition, you’re deathly Celiac and you’re sooooo sad about it. The easiest way to get out of eating shit all day is to just say you physically can’t eat it. I mean, no one’s gonna pressure you to eat Monday morning bacon if you keep kosher. No one’s gonna make you order in Chipotle if you break out from spicy food. Honestly, you could make shit up and no one would know that it’s not a real thing. Just make sure they don’t catch you drunk-eating deep dish pizza on Saturday night.


7. Be The Beverage Bitch

Having a million beverages on you is key not only at this internship, but in every aspect of life. Okay, that’s a little dramatic, but if Karlie Kloss drinks a gallon of water a day, it can’t hurt to get on board. Making sure you’re drinking water all day will make you so much less hungry, so don’t show up empty-handed. Bring at least a liter of water into the office with you every day, and stock up on low-cal drinks like iced coffee, matcha, Diet Snapple, and green tea. Youll have to pee like 50 times before you make it to happy hour, but its worth it.


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