3 Simple Habits That Could Sabotage Your Weight Loss Goals

Lose weight nowYou’re working out, eating better, and feeling great about your decision to get fit. But when you step on the scale, your heart drops when you see a larger or equal number to last week. What could be the hold up?

The truth is, even if you’re following a fitness routine and making healthier food choices, you might not be seeing the weight come off as you’d hoped. While the number on the scale doesn’t always reflect other healthy accomplishments like eating better, making it to the gym and gaining muscle, we understand how frustrating it can be to step on the scale and not see results.

Stay calm, and keep doing what you’re doing. We’re confident one (or several) of these common weight loss hurdles is what’s keeping you from that magic number.


1. You Love Condiments

And who doesn’t?! But, unfortunately when it comes to fitness and weight loss, condiments can be your worst enemy. From ketchup, salad dressings, whipped cream and more, condiments can pack a pretty big punch of calories – not to mention sugar, fat and other unwanted foes!

Tip: Not ready to give up the condiments? Use tabasco sauce, mustard, lemon & lime juice, vinegars and herbs for your condiment fix! Or, make your own dressings!


2. You’re Not Drinking Enough Water

Drinking water is like the magic wand to weight loss. Not only does it keep you hydrated, but it can also aid in portion control. Drinking 1 tall glass of water before each meal can save you from overeating. Likewise, consuming water throughout the day can keep you from snacking between meals. We suggest having water available to you at all times. Stash a bottle in your purse or briefcase. Get in the routine of grabbing a bottle each day before you head out the door. Ask your employer to invest in water coolers for the office. No matter how you get more H2O into your diet, we promise you’ll feel the difference.




3. You’re Eating Too Much of Healthy Foods

It is 100% possible to overindulge on healthy foods, and could be one of the reasons you’re not losing weight. Always remember even the best foods still contain sugar, carbohydrates, oils & fats. While they contain healthy amounts of these items, overconsumption can cause you to plateau or put on pounds. Nuts, avocados, natural peanut butter, dark chocolate and whole wheat pasta are all examples of healthy foods that are high in calories. We encourage everyone to enjoy them, but be mindful of their intake.




To know other habits that are potentially sabotaging your weight loss goal, please head to this link: http://fitfluential.com/2015/09/5-reasons-youre-not-losing-weight/


Here’s another resource you can look into: http://www.health.com/health/gallery/0,,20568347,00.html


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Are you now more mindful of your habits?

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