3 Tips From a Nutritionist to Lose 150 Pounds

extreme weight lossIt’s almost universally agreed that losing weight is not an easy task, as it requires discipline, determination, and focus. However, a 37-year-old Amanda Mandie Wood found three things that made losing weight so effective, she managed to drop 150 pounds in just about 2 years.

Mandie started her weight-loss transformation in the Fall of 2015, after getting fed up with feeling invisible and tired all the time.

At that time the woman weighed 375 pounds and fit size 28. Amanda felt like it was time to change and consulted a nutritionist who helped her balance her diet, by determining appropriate portion sizes, her calorie intake, as well as giving tips to start a healthier diet. “I follow balanced macros, which for me means that I try to ensure I am getting 35 percent of my calories from carbs, 25 percent of my calories from fat, and 40 percent of my calories from protein”, Wood told PopSugar.

The second step was exercise. After a couple of unsuccessful attempts at the gym, she ended up getting a personal trainer, which Mandie admits was a great investment. Now going to the gym is one of my favorite times of the week.

Amanda says that the key point of her journey was finding balance and setting reasonable goals. Five pounds is much more manageable than the 200 pounds she explains. In the end, she encourages people to simply be kind to themselves as no one is perfect, saying: Just don’t give up.


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