4 Pool Workouts Perfect for Summer

pool-exercises-for-legsFor a hot new summer workout, look no further than your nearest pool deck. Niche water-fitness studios (think: cycling or doing yoga while immersed in H2O) are on the rise, according to the Sports an Fitness Industry Association. And they’re getting popular for good reason: You can strengthen and burn — without even breaking a sweat. Isn’t that fantastic? Have you tried anything like this before? Well, look no further.

“Working out in the water is low-impact, so it doesn’t stress your joints,” says Bryan Mineo, coach and founder of the Swim Mechanic. “At the same time, the density of the water creates resistance, which helps strengthen and tone muscles.” Plus, surrounding your body with water offers a bit of natural compression, which can improve blood flow as you go.

Want to dip your toes in the trend? Keep reading for four refreshing pool workouts that appeal to every sweat style.


1. Aqua Cycling

Bikes plopped in a pool might sound weird, but it’s actually kind of brilliant. Cycling in the water offers resistance (more the faster you pedal), so you don’t have to worry about dialing a resistance knob up and down. During rides like those at Aqua in NYC, you’ll do intervals sitting and standing. Plus, you’ll get to recline behind the bikes (an extra position that’s impossible on regular stationary bikes). Another bonus: Waving your arms back and forth in the water offers some awesome upper-body sculpting.


2. Aqua Zumba

What could make the upbeat music and hip-shaking dance moves of Zumba an even more fun workout? Just add water. This caliente cardio session in the pool nixes the high impact of your favorite dance moves and adds a little resistance to every step.



3. Mermaid Fitness

Head to the Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego to bring your Splash dreams to life. The hotel offers a class that’ll have the wannabe mermaid in you flipping. During the 45-minute session in and by the pool, you’ll do kicking drills (with your bottom half inside a colorful tail), resistance work with a foam noodle and core work, like V sits on the side of the pool.


4. Aqua Yoga

A typical yoga class is already pretty low-impact, but certain poses can spell uncomfortable pressure on your palms, knees and other joints. Enter this pool-based offering at Sunwater Spa in Colorado. Taking the flow to the water challenges your stability and adds some extra toning power for your core as you move through your practice.



Now these are just four pool workouts. There’s more! Head to this article for more details: http://dailyburn.com/life/fitness/pool-workouts-group-fitness-classes/


Here’s another resource you can look into: http://www.shape.com/fitness/workouts/burn-calories-pool-no-laps-required


Here’s a video to guide you further:



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