5 Fitness Tips for Night Owls

night-owl-fitness-routineAre you a night owl? When do you feel most active and productive? What does your day start with? We think that if you begin your routine with some physical activity, the rest of the day will be much more productive. So here are some fitness tips for you. We are sure that night owls will just love the following five exercises:



1. Stability ball

This tool can be found in all gyms. Fitness experts know that you can achieve better results if you include exercises with a stability ball in your workout routine.


2. Tai Chi


Oriental methods and relaxation techniques have been practiced for quite some time already. One of them would be Tai chi. It’s a form of martial arts that can be performed by both men and women of various age groups. Tai chi is a great way to start your day


3. Foam rolling

We know what can reduce your muscle pain in the morning. There are a few options for you to choose from. First, you can try out a massage therapy. Another way to reduce the discomfort and tension is by exercising with a foam roller.


4. Squats

Where you do squats does not matter at all. What matters is how anatomically correctly your squats are performed. Practice them outside or inside – the effect will be wonderful anyways. You will tone up your whole body and strengthen your muscles.


5. Indoor cycling


Cycling at home while listening to your favorite tunes or watching a TV show is fun. You entertain yourself, tone up your muscles, lose weight and stay in great shape. Choose an indoor bike that would meet your needs and requirements.


To read the full article about this, just click this link: http://womanpretty.com/health-beauty/5-smart-fitness-tips-and-hints-for-night-owls/


Here is another resource you can look into: http://www.mensfitness.com/training/night-owl-training


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Now, you no longer have to worry exercising if you’re a night owl. What do you think?

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