7 Ways To Enjoy The Outdoors This Fall With Your SO If You’re Both Looking To Get Active

how to enjoy outdoorsThe majority of summer days are lazy days spent either on sand-speckled beach towels or Netflix and chilling by the AC. Unless you and your boo are the athletic types making moves no matter what it’s like outside, I’m willing to bet the two of you spent all of your free time lying down rather than getting your heart rate up this past season. Of course, that’s totally fine and probably well deserved, but now that temperatures are slowly plummeting down there are plenty of ways you can shake the summer slump and be active with your SO this fall.

When the weather gets cool and leaves start turning, you’ll be hard-pressed to find my husband and I curled up inside. There’s nothing like pulling on an oversized sweater, heading outdoors, and spending a little one on one time with nature. Whether you’re the type of couple who just cannot sit still, or genuinely wants to get moving a little more this season, here are a few fun, outdoorsy date ideas so you and your SO can get up and get active.

1. Hit The Trails

We can do better than walking around our familiar neighborhoods this fall, friends. There are countless trails to explore all over the country, so make a list of hiking hot-spots near you and check them out with your SO.

Take it slow if you’re beginners by sticking to clearly marked paths and just enjoying the scenery. Once you’re both novice-level, lace up those walking shoes and find mountainous areas for some extra exercise. If you find yourself interested in the nature aspect, make a list of animals and plants to look out for and document each one via iPhone or go old school and break out the Polaroid camera.

things to do outdoors

2. Toss The Football Around

Are you and your boo football fans? Maybe even rivals? Put your phones down and play an actual game of fantasy football.

Throw on your favorite jersey, name the terms (loser buys hot cocoa and fries?), and play a little one-on-one. Make sure to schedule the game for Saturday, though. Sundays are for watching.

3. Lace Up Your Running Shoes

Every year I take a running hiatus from late May through August because once temperatures hit their all-time high, it’s way too hot to even jog — let alone train for something as intense as a marathon.

Unless you prefer pulling out your PRs solo, going for a run outside with your SO can be super beneficial because while they aren’t exactly playing the role of physical trainer, they will always encourage you to literally go that extra mile.

And if it’s less about goals and more about getting up and out of the house together, a running date has so many benefits for every kind of couple. It’s cheap, easy to dress for, and incredibly bonding because the couple that sweats together, stays together.


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