Britney Spears Shares Secrets for Staying Toned in Revealing Instagram Video

Britney Spears WorkoutBritney Spears lit up Instagram with her behind the scenes workout video except it’s not just for her killer strength and impressive flexibility that has the internet talking.

The 35-year-old singer and dancer showed off her toned physique in a minute-long mashup of flips, dips, kicks and lifts, wearing little more than a sports bra and shorts.

At one point, the mother of two is in a wall-assisted handstand showing off her arm strength in a white bikini top and matching tiny shorts.

So far, comments about her sexy workout videos and incredible abdominals have been supportive and full of love. One user calling Britney QWEEEEENNN [sic], and another branding her a clever Fitney.

The edited video collection jumps back and forth between her lifting weights and doing aerial acrobatics to give fans an inside look into how the pop star stays so fit and performance-ready at all times even during her weeks off, as she said in her Instagram caption.


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