How Often Should You Exercise Your Abs to Get the Best Results?

ab-exercisesWho doesn’t want a well-toned stomach, especially a 6-pack abs, right? Everybody wants it and but not everyone knows how to get it. Well, first things first  — you should not train your abs everyday because that isn’t an effective way to build muscle or strength. The abdominals are just like any other muscle in your body, it needs adequate rest between workouts to recover and rebuild.


The Right Amount Of Frequency

There are two ways you can approach ab training and the one you choose will be based on what kind of abs you want:


#Method 1 – A Long And Hard-core Ab Workout Done Once A Week

This type of training method will help you build big muscular abs like a bodybuilder, but you must be aware that the bigger your abs become the bigger your waist also becomes.



#Method 2 – A Quick Ab Workout Done Every Other Day

This type of training method will add just enough muscle to make your abs nice and strong enough to keep your abdominal cavity compressed, so the size of your waist will stay small and tight.




No matter how much you work your abs they won’t show unless you get to a low enough body fat percentage (7-10% range for men and 15-20% range for women to fully see your abs). Now the only way you’ll be able to fully see your abs is by getting your nutrition in check, which means putting yourself in a caloric deficit by eating nutritious wholefoods


To see what workouts you can try, head to the article here:


Here is another resource you can look into:


Here’s a video to help you further:



Now you know how often you can train your abs for best results.

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