How to Lose 50 Pounds in 7 Months?


If Tim Can Lose 50 Pounds, So Can You!

“Nutrition is 90% of the battle, right? Well I’ve seen that in action over the last few months. I was unable to continue workouts due to a health issue and have had to rely COMPLETELY on walking and nutrition to find results. I am not done, I have only begun, but now that I can (hopefully) begin workouts again after seeing my doctor in a couple weeks, I look forward to even greater results! Already I have lost over 50 pounds since starting, I no longer need blood pressure medication, and I fit into size 34 jeans…a feat I have not done since grad school 20 years ago!”

Today you’re going to learn how to surprise yourself 7 months from now – WITHOUT “EXERCISING”.

Six months from now, I want you to look at your “before” and “during” photos with a shocked smile. (It would help if you took photos today!)


Why are you doing this?

As you’re getting started on your journey, DIG DEEP and really think about WHY you’re doing this. You might need to go three levels deep (like Inception) and keep asking why to get to the root of your reasons for changing:

  • I want to lose weight. Why?
  • Because I want to feel better. Why?
  • Because I don’t like where my life is going and I want to be a better example for my kids. OKAY!

If you don’t have a good reason for getting in shape (“because my doctor told me to” isn’t going to cut it long term), you’ll use any reason to give up along the way! “Shoot, it’s cold out. Can’t exercise today.” “I had a bad day at work – I deserve this treat.” “Meh, tomorrow.”

However, if you have a damn good reason for why you are embarking upon this journey (like Tim did), you’re going to be more likely to actually stick with your plan even when life gets busy, your kids get sick, and so on.


The Right Mentality at the Start

Now, this is where most people get thrown off.

After determining your big why, you need to have the right mentality for beginning your journey too.

“If you’d told me I could lose 50 pounds in 7 months with just changing my diet and walking, I would have told you to take a long walk off a short pier! I can hardly believe it myself.”

I bet you read that sentence above and thought, “I’ve heard THAT before, on every late night infomercial promising me amazing results if I buy their workout equipment or ab coaster or whatever.” The difference here is that you don’t need to buy anything, you need to change your strategy.

Tim is an actual person (a single dad with 4 kids!), with a family, a real job, and he’s not trying to sell anything in that sentence. In fact, that sentence was shared privately with our community, and only after he posted it did I ask if I could share it.

Tim said the toughest change he had to make was his own mindset. As a recovering gambling addict (6 years and counting – congrats Tim!), he knew he had mental demons to overcome when it came to getting healthy:

“I did a pretty good job of wrecking my life and found myself seven years ago being forced to do something about it. The biggest thing I learned from that experience of entering recovery (I have six years of sobriety) is that the pain had to outweigh the fear of change before I would do anything to recover.  Unfortunately at that point it was too late for my marriage, my career, and a few other things I deeply regret destroying as a result of my addiction.  

I learned that I do not need to fear change, I just need to recognize it, lean into the pain, and do the next right thing.  So as I moved through recovery from a gambling addiction I soon found that there were other areas in my life that needed change as well.  Shocker!

The pain needed to outweigh the fear of change before I would do anything to recover.”


Do Less. Go Slow. REALLY Slow.

“The less you do, the more you do.”

– Kunu (Paul Rudd’s character in “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”)

If you’re like most people, you’ve said to yourself recently, “this is the year I’m going to get in shape.”

And you might have done all sorts of things and maybe even succeeded so far:

  • Signed up for a gym
  • Gone to the gym every day
  • Bought workout DVDs and followed them dutifully
  • Drastically changed your entire nutritional strategy
  • Started flossing
  • Add another 5 things.

Tim’s success, I believe, is due to the fact that he did LESS than ALL of those things above!

When he started his most recent journey, he hurt himself by doing too much during a workout and was told by the doctor he couldn’t strength train for 6+ months!


I bet if you were told you couldn’t exercise for 6 months, then the idea of ‘getting in shape’ would now be gone. But this was, ironically, exactly what Tim needed to succeed. “Oh, I can still walk…” Perfect. That is enough to radically transform your body.

In fact, I’m going to tell you to NOT work out if you’re starting from a sedentary lifestyle.

Yes, this is a fitness website telling you not to work out.

If you just want to lose weight and feel better about yourself (Like Tim did), going for a walk and focusing nearly all of your energy on nutrition will get you 90% of the way there!  Once you get to a baseline of health and fitness and have lost significant weight, then you can focus on building the physique you want.

So, disregard what people in infomercials or magazine ads look like – those people train 20+ hours a week, have super genetics, are probably on steroids, and/or don’t use the equipment or workout strategy they are advertising.

Instead, keep it simple and your expectations in check. Tim couldn’t exercise, and that allowed him to focus on just TWO THINGS:

  1. Going for a walk. Tim doesn’t enjoy running, so he just went for hikes and walks. That’s it. This allowed him to mentally check a box that said “I did something healthy today”
  2. Finally accepting that nutrition was 90% of the battle, so he should be focusing 90% of his mental energy on adjusting that.



Nutrition is Everything. EVERYTHING.

Nutrition. Nutrition. Nutrition.

How you eat will be responsible for 80-90% of the success or failure you will have moving forward. So you need to attack your nutrition with a solid strategy.

This means two things:

  • ANY workout strategy will WORK with the right diet: walking, yoga, zumba, dancing, rock climbing, strength training. Literally anything physical if you stick with it.
  • ANY workout strategy will FAIL with the wrong diet. If you don’t eat well, no amount of training will fix that.

Again, most people do best with SMALL changes over LONG periods of time. It’s is how Tim won. We’re not gung-ho Paleo advocates either. (We like that it’s a simple mental model you can follow to learn what to eat and what to avoid, but we agree that you should probably dip your toe in pool and slowly wade in).

Tim didn’t say “I’m gonna follow this strategy for 6 months and then I can go back to how I was eating before.” Instead, small permanent changes, and that’s just his new “normal.”

Shift your nutritional mentality and make small changes you can live with. Here’s exactly what Tim changed over FOUR months:

  • Minimization of liquid calories. You’ll be surprised how many calories and how much sugar is in ‘healthy’ apple juice!
  • Cut back significantly on sugar.
  • Cut back on processed carbs (bread, pizza, pasta, etc.).
  • Eat more vegetables and fruits (though don’t eat only fruit – that also has lots of sugar!), and some meat.
  • Check out intermittent fasting and deciding it worked for him.

When you make these changes gradually over time, it’s much easier to live with and adjust what your body decides is “normal,” building serious momentum.

And NEVER underestimate momentum.

So start with those 4 tips and see the healthy changes you’ll see in yourself.


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