The Ultimate Single Girl New Year Bucket List

New Year Bucket List

1. Search for all the coffee shops in your city or town. At least every two weeks, make a point to visit each of them for a breakfast treat.

2. Take yourself on an ultimate spa date. Get a mani, pedi, and even indulge in the foot massage.

3. Go on a run just before sunset and make sure to find a perfect spot to take a sunset selfie.

4. Gather your friends and go for a walk through one of the trails/paths in your town to just talk and catch up.

5. Order your favorite take-out food and have it shamelessly delivered to the house for a night of binge-Netflix and grub.

6. Play drink roulette at your favorite bara sort of eeny-meeny-miney-moe of sorts, and whatever drink you land on is the one you buy for yourself.

7. Go to your favorite restaurant, but instead of getting the same thing you always do, make it a point to order something new each time.

8. Make your own Iron Chef competition. Create a homemade food (ex: burgers, soup, salads, you name it!) and take Instagrams of your creations, as if they were restaurant quality.

9. Host a for-no-reason-at-all party at your house, complete with drinks, snacks, and music.

10. Grab your girls and go all out for a weekend nightdress to the nines, and hit up all your favorite clubs.

11. Get a picnic blanket, snacks, and something crafty (art supplies, journal, etc.) and bring them to the nearest forest preserve or park. Set up camp and enjoy the day (sun or shade) by relaxing, being creative, and enjoying some peace and quiet.

12. Buy cheap tickets to your favorite or local sports teams games and go with a bunch of friends or family members.

13. Spend the afternoon at the library, drinking coffee, journaling, and getting lost in a good book.

14. If its warm where you live, have a beach day just you, your headphones, plenty of sunscreen, and of course, snacks. Too cold for all that? Convert your living room to the beach with some tropical music and drinks, and lay, yes down, swimsuit and all. A girl can pretend, right?! (Feel too weird to do that solo? Get your girlfriends and booze! Believe me, it’s silly but fun.)

single girl bucket list

15. Go to a park and swing on a swing. (When was the last time you actually did that??)

16. Rollerblade around town.

17. Take yourself to that new pub you’ve been dying to try.

18. Join a 5K, mud run, or themed jog solo or with friends.

19. Go all out for one of your favorite sports teams games dress in the team colors, make themed snacks and drinks, and have all your friends over to watch (and drink).

20. Grab a guy friend and take him out on a friend-date to somewhere you’ve been wanting to explore.



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