Top 10 Fitness Secrets You Must Know

gym-exercise-tipsYou think you’ve done everything you can within your power to get fit. But still, each passing day has become more challenging than ever that it’s just feels easier to give up. Do you feel this way sometimes? Well, that’s probably because you haven’t internalized or haven’t come to know yet these top ten fitness secrets you must know that I’m about to share with you. Read them and one by one apply them in your daily life. You can do this! Good luck!

  1. Eating right is 80% of the battle.

    When you eat the right food, you get to eat plennnnnnntttttyyyy of it.

  2. Start long-term and work back.

    When you’re coming up with your targets, start long-term and work back. In order to run 10k in six months’ time, what do you need to do this month? This week?

  3. A personal trainer is worth the cost.

    Personal Trainers may seem pricey, but a lot of the work goes on outside of the gym. Drawing up a detailed training plan, from single sessions to months of improvement, takes AGES.

  4. And you don’t have to have a Personal Trainer session every week.

    Can’t afford regular Personal Trainer sessions? Spend ‘em wisely – choose workouts you can’t do alone. Use your Personal Trainer as a boxing partner, or to spot you lifting heavy weights.

  5. You need to make SMART goals.

    SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-bound. Write down your intentions for getting fit – not just “tone up at some point” – and it’s much more likely to happen.



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